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Product Profile: Amazon Lights Garden Incense Sticks

Dozens of Wood Thrush customers have discovered this wonderful alternative to the hardware store variety of citronella candles for keeping mosquitos and no see-ems away from your favorite outdoor sitting area.  We have carried this effective product for nearly 15 years.

Amazon Lights incense sticks keep mosquitos and no see-ems away while burning emitting a pleasant aroma.  They are made from earth friendly ingredients including Brazilian andiroba, citronella, rosemary, and thyme. For best results make a perimeter around your deck, patio, or wherever you choose to be. Or if you like solo quiet time, position a single burning stick so the smoke drifts toward you. Each stick covers a 6 to 8 foot area. A stick can be placed in a small clay pot of sand or gravel and will burn for 2.5 hours, and can be extinguished and relit. Simply turn the stick burn-side down in the sand to extinguish.

Each tube contains 12 incense sticks.  That’s 30 hours of burn time for just $14.  We just got in a large order and would like more of you to discover this effective product. 

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Stick them in a pot of sand or rocks. To exstinguish just invert the lit end of the stick into the pot.

You can place them almost anywhere even a potted plant.