squirrel proof

Product Profile: High capacity squirrel proof feeder

This feeder measures 27" tall and 12" wide. The 1.5" wire cage only allows small birds.

Bail retaining clips keep squirrels from gaining access to seed hopper.

Quick release base makes cleaning this feeder much faster.

Introducing the high capacity caged feeder by Woodlink. This is one sturdy feeder! Made from thick gauge metal and ¼” PVC, this feeder will provide many years of service and protection against squirrels, starlings, and grackles. At the top of the feeder, there are two large bail clips that keep pesky squirrels from being able to lift the lid and get to the seed. Under the lid is a huge hopper for reserve seed. This hopper easily holds more than a gallon of seed, not to mention what’s in the tube underneath it. The tube itself is made from a 3” piece of PVC, six large seed ports great for sunflower or any favorite seed blend, and a quick release base for easy cleaning of any accumulation that may build up in the bottom of the tube. The cage that surrounds the feeder is a 1.5 inch coated wire grid that works very well at keeping out squirrels and birds cardinal size or larger.

If you’re looking for a large capacity feeder that also keeps out squirrels, starlings, and grackles, stop by and check out this feeder!

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Product Profile: Extended Reach Poles

erva long reach poles.jpeg

Ever try putting your squirrel proof feeder on a shepherd’s pole just to find out that it isn’t as squirrel proof as it should be? It’s not the feeder but it is the wrong pole that’s the problem. A squirrel proof feeder like the Squirrel Buster is very effective on the right pole and less effective on the wrong pole. The main thing to consider when pairing a weight activated squirrel proof feeder with a pole is how far your feeder hangs away from the pole. If it hangs too close squirrels may gain access by leaning out to the feeder leaving most of their weight on the pole, thus not triggering the feeder to close. Most feeders recommend a measurement of 14”- 18” from pole to hook. This ensures the squirrel climbs down on, or jumps to the feeder putting his full weight on the feeder. We have a few long reach options here at the shop that work great with the various weight activated feeders. The extended reach pole gets your feeder an ample 20” out from the pole and even allows for an extension to make the pole taller. This pole is also available in a deck rail mount option. We also have a super duty Shepard’s pole that has a 16” reach. This pole is great for larger feeders and is available in single and double hook options.

As always if you are having trouble with squirrels on your bird feeders stop by the shop and we will be happy to help.