water mister

Drippers, Misters, and Moving Water

One of the best ways to attract birds to your backyard is with a birdbath, but adding a supply of fresh, moving water will make your birdbath even more appealing. There are many ways to add moving water to your existing birdbath, such as water drippers, water misters, water wigglers, and small fountain pumps that circulates water. Below are some examples of ways you can add moving water to your birdbath at home.

Side mount dripper.

Rock base dripper.

Rock base dripper.

Water Drippers: A water dripper usually consists of a small curved metal tube that can be affixed or set in your birdbath. Then long flexible plastic tubing (that can be buried) is run from an outdoor water spigot to the dripper on your birdbath. Each dripper set up comes with an adjustable valve that lets you adjust the flow of water to a nice consistent drip. In the hotter months of the year this is a great way to keep ahead of evaporation, and help cut down on mosquito's in between birdbath cleanings, and the birds will love the fresh moving water source.


Water Wigglers: Similar to the Water Dripper, the Water Wiggler will agitate the water and help cut down on insects and make your birdbath more attractive to birds. Instead of using a fresh water source from your garden hose it runs on two D batteries and simply agitates the water causing constant water ripples. We find the water wiggler to be the most effective option when running a power cord or a fresh water line to your birdbath is not a viable option.

Available in hanging and rock base Misters.

Water Misters: Like the water dripper, the water mister attaches to your garden hose via small plastic tubing and creates a small constant water mist that birds love to fly through and sit under and bath. Most of these misters can be mounted to your bird bath, and some misters can even be attached to a large tree limb or zip tied up the side of your current shepherd’s pole with your bird feeders.


Stone Creek Rock: This option will basically turn your birdbath into a recirculating fountain. This small plastic resin stone rock houses a small fountain pump that will circulate the water and also give birds a place to perch and bathe. All you need is a minimum of 2” of water and a 110 power source.