All of our seed is non gmo.

Our quality line of seed & feed comes in from Des Moines Iowa weekly, providing a fresh high quality supply of bird seed at a competitive price. 


Black oil sunflower: 

Considered the single most appealing seed to the most species of feeder birds.  Small birds like Chickadees and Goldfinches love it because it has a soft, easy to crack open shell, and the seed is a high energy source of food.  It is a staple for backyard bird feeders.

50 lbs. $32       25 lbs.  $18          8 lbs. $7

Sunflower Hearts:

The most appealing seed without the mess of shells.  Sunflower hearts may also bring you a surprise visitor to your feeders from time to time.   Birds like the eastern Bluebird, primarily an insect and fruit eater, may feed on hearts during winter and early spring when insects are not readily available.

50 lbs.  $69     20 lbs.  $34    8 lbs.  $15


Safflower has become our best selling seed type.  While feeding your songbirds it keeps pesky birds like Starlings and Grackles to a minimum.  It’s hard oddly shaped shell makes it nearly impossible for Starlings and Grackles to crack open yet easily opened by the songbirds.  Safflower will also do a better than average job of keeping squirrels from taking over your feeders.  Results can vary with squirrels but based on sales and customer feedback we can safely say Safflower works well for most.

50 lbs.  $43    20 lbs.  $22     8 lbs.  $10

Woodland Blend:

Our best selling blend has black oil and medium striped sunflower, sunflower hearts, and shelled peanuts, and is loved by everything from Chickadees and Titmice to Cardinals and woodpeckers.  Works in a variety of feeder types.

50 lbs.  $39     20 lbs.  $22     8 lbs.  $10

Premium Blend:

A no waste blend full of sunflower hearts, mixed nut pieces, and dried raisin and cherry pieces.  You will love it for the lack of shells and how your birds will keep coming back for more.Best used in tube type feeders.

40 lbs.  $62     20 lbs.  $34     8 lbs.  $15

Wood Thrush Mix:

A blend of black oil sunflower and white and red millet.  This blend is best suited for ground feeding.  Really works great for Mourning Dove, Cardinals and Towhees, and several of our winter visitors like juncos and White-throated sparrows.  Best used in platform feeders and directly on the ground.

50 lbs.  $30     25 lbs.  $17     10 lbs.  8

White Millet:

great economical seed for ground feeding.

50 lbs.  $16     20 lbs.  $8     10 lbs.  $5

Raw Peanuts:

Loved by Blue jays and Woodpeckers, and whole peanuts are one of our favorite ways to feed them.

50 lbs.  $72     25 lbs.  $38     10 lbs.  $17

Shelled Peanuts:

Use a feeder specifically for shelled peanuts or just add peanuts to your favorite seed.  Either way you will see many different birds visit your feeder for peanuts, including Chickadees, Titmice and Nuthatches, Downy, Hairy, and Red-bellied woodpeckers, wrens, and Blue jays.

50 lbs.  $62     20 lbs.  $32     10 lbs.  $17     5 lbs.  $9

Woodpecker Blend:

A blend woodpeckers and Blue jays love.  It is full of shelled peanuts, almonds, sunflower, safflower, and pumpkin seeds.  This blend is best suited for platform and hopper feeders.

50 lbs.  $62     20 lbs.  $34     8 lbs.  $14

Nyjer Seed:

The number one seed for finch feeders and typically is not appealing to squirrels.

50 lbs.  $75     20 lbs.  $39     8 lbs.  $17     3 lbs.  $7.75

Finch Blend:

Goldfinches love this blend of nyjer seed and sunflower chips.  It can be used in any standard finch type feeder.  Goldfinches love sunflower but are often kept off sunflower feeders by the other birds.  Now they can have sunflower as well as nyjer in one feeder.

40 lbs.  $69     20 lbs.  $36     10 lbs.  $18

Corn Cobs:

Dried whole corn on the cob is great for feeding your fury Squirrel friends.

35 lbs.  $21     8 lbs.  $7

Shelled Corn:

Shelled corn is a great inexpensive option for feeding wildlife other than song birds. Squires, and deer to name a couple.

50 lbs.  $13     20 lbs.  $7     10 lbs.  4

Cracked Corn:

Cracked corn is good for wild turkey, ducks, doves, and some songbirds.

50 lbs.  $16     20 lbs.  $8     10 lbs.  $5

Chicken MEDIUM Scratch:

For those of you that keep chickens we carry a couple types of chicken scratch. This medium scratch contains cracked corn, milo, and wheat.

50 lbs.  $22

Complete Layer Chicken Scratch:

The Complete Layer scratch is the same as medium scratch above but has a added protein pellet that helps aid in the egg laying process.

50 lbs.  $27