Squirrel Proofing Feeders

It’s a problem as old as bird feeding itself, squirrels.  The fact is practically everyone can have a feeder or feeding stations that are truly squirrel proof.  Having a squirrel proof feeder does require using the right device, or squirrel-proof feeder, in the proper situation and/or location. We can’t stress this last statement enough.  Many times we’ve seen the right devices used in the worst possible location, making the squirrel proof feeder or device, like a baffle, ineffective.  Even our best-selling, best performing squirrel proof feeder, the Squirrel Buster Classic, can be defeated when placed in the wrong situation. Put it in the right location and you will see it work perfectly.  Below are some detailed descriptions of how to use baffles and weight-activated squirrel-proof feeders.  

Cylinder pole baffles

Wrap around pole baffles

Pole mount baffles are rarely beaten by squirrels when used properly.  For example: A feeding station comprised of a pole, a pole mount baffle (there are two kinds), and a feeder, is squirrel-proof when placed at least 8’ away from objects a squirrel can jump from and the baffle is mounted between 4 and 4 ½ feet high (measured from ground to baffle) on the pole.  Reduce the height of the baffle by a few inches or place the pole a foot or two closer to objects and the squirrel has been “given” a way to defeat the system. 

Effective measurements for hanging baffle.

If other branches hang too close to your feeder and baffle they can give the squirrel an advantage.

Hanging baffles are effective, too.  Similar rules apply.  If the baffle and feeder are hung close enough to the trunk of a tree or deck rail, for example, the average squirrel will win the battle.  If a squirrel is “forced” to approach the feeder from on top of the baffle it will be defeated.  A hanging baffle will never work hanging on a pole.  We know the average squirrel can jump about 6-8 feet horizontally and about 4 feet vertically.   So, when situating your pole mount or hanging baffle keep these numbers in mind.

Squirrel proof feeders have gotten much better over the years.  Again, one must follow our, or the manufacturer’s instructions to experience the best performance from your squirrel proof feeder.  Even the very best squirrel proof feeder cannot overcome improper placement. For more info on Squirrel Buster feeders and to watch video of them in action visit www.bromebirdcare.com.

We typically ask several questions when helping a customer purchase a squirrel proof system or feeder. We want to make sure we fit you with the best choice based on information about your yard and the preferred location of your feeder.  It’s important to us for you to be happy and have success.  We want you to have squirrel-proof feeders.  Come in for suggestions, or you may want to take advantage of our expertise and allow us to make a house call.  We do not charge a fee and we are confident we can help you be squirrel proof.  We will not attempt to sell you something if we don’t believe it will work for you.