Welcome to the Wood Thrush Shop

We will be closed for Memorial Day.

We will re-open on May 30th at 10am

The Wood Thrush Shop has everything for the backyard bird enthusiast. In 1985 The Wood Thrush Shop was the first store of its kind and has supplied its customers with quality birdfeeds of all kinds, birdfeeders, birdbaths, squirrel and raccoon proofing solutions, bluebird nesting boxes, and a great selection of hummingbird feeders. Quality products and the staffs knowledgeable and friendly service keep loyal customers coming back.

The Wood Thrush Shop’s mission is to provide its customers with the knowledge and products to have an enjoyable and educational bird watching experience in their backyards, or in the field.

The Wood Thrush Shop offers the unique service of a FREE Squirrel Proofing Consultation.  One visit to your home to see how and where you currently offer your birdfeeders and we can suggest REAL solutions for squirrel and/or raccoon proofing your birdfeeders.  And, if you purchase squirrel/raccoon proofing products through The Wood Thrush Shop we will install them for FREE to ensure their success.