Open Garden Tour


Saturday, June 15th from 9am to 12pm.

Join John Douglas and Leslie Matthews at their home.

148 Cheek Rd.

Nashville, Tn 37205

Windsong Garden is a retreat where we have created an environment focused on reflection, serenity and relaxation. We have combined over 350 varieties of hosta and over 400 varieties of daylilies with perennials and hydrangeas, as well as our new introduction of native azaleas for spring color and summer texture. Our garden has been featured 4 different times on ‘Volunteer Gardener’.

This year we have completely fenced the backyard and added two more gardens. The first one is at the lower end of the garden with mostly interesting shrubbery. The Second one is a small one on the far side of the house with perennials in deep shade.

          We offer water and food for the birds that reward us with the gift of beauty and entertainment all year long. We provide flowers for the pollinators, especially the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. One of our favorite gardens, the "secret garden", is tucked away in the upper corner providing deep shade for ferns, hosta and spring woodland wildflowers.

Wind and song are present anytime in these gardens. Come and enjoy with us.

If you have questions please email: